Preparing Your House for a Viewing: The Top 5 Tips


In the world of property, preparation is key. For the transition of selling your house to run smoothly, everything must be prepared well ahead of time. In addition to ensuring legal documents and finances are planned, your property must also be held to the same importance. Your home is the focus, and although marketing is key, its only half of the struggle. Having a prospective buyer interested in your property means you should do everything in your power to really “sell” your property. If you’re looking to sell my house fast, we’ve come up with the top 5 tips on how preparing your house for viewing can make all the difference.

Personal Preparation:

House viewings aren’t always just about the physical aspect of the property. More often than not, prospective buyers will approach a property viewing armed with a plethora of questions to ask the homeowner. From general questions such as how long the property has been on the market and why you are in the process of moving, to financial discussions about price and perhaps questions about the condition of the property- it is key to know your home inside out.

However, although you are permitted to give some insight to the prospective buyers, negotiations should be dealt with through your solicitor and estate agent as part of the legal process. Additionally, refrain from giving your direct contact number or emails to prospective buyers, as this can put unnecessary pressure on you. Any questions you are unsure of, your estate agent can always provide the right information.

Prepare the Green Area:

The exterior of the property is the first impression your prospective buyer will have of your home- and even if they have viewed it online, an in-person viewing can be a dealbreaker. A little garden maintenance goes a long way and frames the property as one which is not only cared for but shows the house in its best condition. Tidying away general mess around the property, jet washing flags and drives, mowing the lawn, and cutting back any overgrown hedges and bushes is a great way to make the exterior of your house look organised and neat.

Living Area:

The living room needs to be appealing to prospective buyers. It’s the room most homeowners spend their time in and is a good reflection of how you feel in the property. As they are an important area of the house, you need to make every effort to ensure potential buyers can envision themselves relaxing and winding down in there. Removing clutter from the room and putting away personal items are great ways to depersonalise and open the room up. Opening the curtains to let natural light into the property, alongside opening the window to let in the fresh air will give the room a clean and airy feel.


Bathrooms are a hugely important part of any home, and prospective buyers will make note of the minor things in your bathroom. To make the room look spacious and organised, clear away clutter such as shampoo bottles and cleaning products and clean any shower fittings. Displaying fresh, folded towels is a great idea, and plugging in an air freshener will make all the difference.


Kitchens are important in terms of cleanliness and space. Similar to the living room, it is important the prospective buyer can visualise themselves using the kitchen. Putting away any unnecessary appliances, and removing any clutter is a good start, in addition to removing any pet food bowls and opening a window to circulate fresh air.

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