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You’ll probably find that just like with shopping for a Lawyer, doctor. even a plumber most Florida health insurance agents simply do not know what they are doing.

With health insurance agents’ compensation being cut by 50% by healthcare reform you must make sure you do your due diligence and find an agent who simply knows what he’s doing.

One of the most important facts about Florida health insurance agencies and insurance rates is that medical insurance premiums in the state of Florida are filed with the state insurance commissioner.

So it doesn’t matter if you speak to 20 agents, the same plan with the same benefits you will get the same rate. Many people still think they can save money by purchasing insurance directly from the carrier, however you would need to call every carrier, all for the major Florida health insurance companies and know which questions to ask.

As a broker with Aetna -Blue Cross -CIGNA -Humana, and UnitedHealthOne it really doesn’t matter to me which carrier a client signs up with as long as it is the plan that makes sense for that client.

Something to look out for–Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida has a deal where they want their agent to only offer them first.

So if you go to another website and fill out a quote report request form and then an agent calls you or e-mails you Blue Cross Blue Shield plans know that they are contractually obligated to recommend Blue Cross first and foremost, and then if you don’t take the Blue Cross policy or are declined then they could offer you another plan from some other carriers such as Humana CIGNA Aetna and United healthcare.
This arrangement certainly is not in the client’s best interest.

This is great if you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you want a Blue Cross plan, but if you’re like 90% of the folks online looking for Florida health insurance quotes you looking for guidance and unbiased recommendations.

Here at Floridahealthinsurancenow.com, we take a look at every Florida health insurance carrier and make the best recommendation possible. If Blue Cross ends up being the best solution for a client we have a relationship with a sister agency who can write that business.

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