Why Your Business Should Use Video Marketing?

These days, it’s essential for a business to stand out in the market, including in the online and mobile platforms. How do you make sure the product or service you offer will stand out and catch the attention of potential customers?

Well, this is where video marketing can come in. It’s not new, but it sure can be an effective and powerful aspect of your marketing strategy. Video marketing follows the goals of traditional marketing, but more importantly, it can amplify the effects of your strategy. Customers, in general, are visual creatures after all, so it’s not surprising they are drawn to moving and visually stunning images.

If you have a business, but you’re still not sure whether video marketing can help you, here are some reasons why it should be a part of your marketing portfolio.

Increasing Brand Awareness

One good way to expand the customer base of your business is to get more people to know more about your company and the product or service that you sell. Any businessman wants his or her company to stand out in the crowd. Using videos, you can quickly tell the potential customers your core values.

You can grow more awareness to your potential customers by giving them not only entertaining but also educational videos that tell them about your business and help them understand why they need you.

The more your potential clients can learn about you and your business, the higher the possibilities of turning them into your paying customers.

Videos help you continue spreading the word about your business. They can make your business get noticed, and more importantly, emphasize your advantages and the value you can provide compared to your competitors.

If you don’t use video marketing in your arsenal, your business might miss out on a big opportunity to extend its reach and therefore, its audience.

Enhancing the Personality of Your Business

Video marketing can be a practical approach to putting a face, and even personality, to the business. Videos are considered among the most shared content when it comes to social media. Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter know videos are among the types of content users want to see and share.

More than images, text, or plain links, videos offer the best chance for your business of getting shared online.

Building Trust

Video marketing can help you show potential customers you are aware of their concerns and you want to help them, or in other words, provide a solution to their problem. This type of marketing strategy can help your business when it comes to building stable relationships with clients, especially those you have not interacted with before. When potential customers see your videos, chances are, you can gain more confidence and trust in your brand.

Trust is crucial for every business, and this is where video marketing can help you.

Video marketing is becoming viral and affordable these days. Making marketing videos may require a little creativity as well as knowledge of human psychology on the part of businesses these days, but attaining the right formula on making these videos can create real miracles for your business at minimal costs.


How Long To Fix Credit: Tips For Fast Credit Repair

Are you attempting to fix your own credit? Do you wonder how long will it take to bring a boost to your FICO score? Unfortunately, there cannot be any generalized answer to the second question. Every individual is bound by a unique situation. Having said that, you can try out a few things, which can yield desired results sooner.

Valuable tips to repair your credit fast

You need to start this endeavor with detailed research on why your current financial situation is poor. There could be several reasons for it. Maybe you were irresponsible and indulged in reckless spending. You need to come in terms with reality so that you may keep at bay unwanted behaviors in the future.

Examine your credit report

If you have comprehended, the reasons for a poor credit rating make sure to check your credit report.  Chalk out a tally of negative items that is portrayed in the report. You cannot give a fig to it, however; you may keep aside any kind of apprehensions, as the process is easy. When the reason for bad account comes to the surface, you will know what the disputes to resolve are.

The Modus Operandi

How long to fix credit? Well, it is an ambiguous question as discussed earlier. There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to repairing credit. Get yourself educated with a self-credit repair kit. Credit improvement process necessitates a well-organized and planned effort. In contemporary times, you can download some great online resources at an affordable price.  A good kit will incorporate the following:

  • A stepwise plan to follow
  • Explanation of the protocols to read a credit report
  • Tips on debt repayment
  • Insights on establishing new accounts
  • Guidance on writing proper disputes
  • Extra tools and bonus products that may help you   

Factors and time-period for resolution

Clearing negative accounts from a report can be a time intensive process and the parameters that determine the duration are seldom static. If you are wondering how to fix your credit fast then you must understand that there are several factors to consider. One of them is the number of dispute letters.  Credit Bureaus receive thousands of dispute letters on a daily basis and they serve each one of them on first come first served basis. Hence, the long time taken in the process is justified as each of the cases are carefully studied and dealt with, as the consequences can be life-changing.

The credit bureau is obliged to launch an investigation for resolving the client’s dispute within a maximum period of 30 days following the receipt of the dispute letter. Failing to do so gives you the authority to order a permanent deletion of your disputed account from the file. The bureau must abide it as they have failed to produce any concrete evidence that justifies the recording of a negative account in your report.

Another important factor that determines the duration is the correspondence between the original creditor and the bureau. The creditor is likely to report the account into your file. The reporting agency has the responsibility of communicating with the information furnisher, with the objective of verifying or faulting the account in dispute. Their response is going to affect the process, however, you have the buffer of a 30 days lapse which can help you.


It is not proper to assume that repairing credit takes a long time. A combination of budget planning, financial discipline and patience are proven ways that can restore a languishing credit score to a healthy state.


4 Steps to Ensure You Pick Up the Best Credit Card

The Credit Card is one of the convenient ways to pay for shopping and others. Credit Cards are provided by banks and other financial institutes. The cardholders borrow money from the Credit Card issuers for their use, which is to be paid back before the due date. Getting a Credit Card is easy. You can visit MyMoneyMantra, compare various Credit Card offers online and then apply for the best one.

If you want to buy a Credit Card, here are four steps to help you pick up the best card quickly:

Check your Credit Score

The credit score is one of the important factors to consider when applying for the Credit Card. You need to have a good credit score (750 or above) to get the Credit Card. If you’re applying for a card for the first time, you should consider applying for the secured Credit Card to help you build a good credit score.

Select the Right Credit Card

Are you looking to apply for the top Credit Card? Do you need to select the right card for your needs? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. There is a huge range of strategies available in the process of getting the best Credit Card. There are various factors you should consider when applying for a Credit Card such as repayment, annual fee, charges reward points and others.

  • The repayment is one of the important factors to look out when applying for the card. If the borrowers do not repay the amount timely each month, you may lose out certain benefits on your card.
  • You should consider the annual fee. Some cards charge the annual fee on every year for Credit Card use. The borrowers have to pay the interest amount monthly.
  • The reward point is a critical thing to look out when purchasing a Credit Card. The reward points are added based on the amount the borrowers spend on purchasing the goods, products and other.
  • Another important factor that you should check is the charges applied to the Credit Card. The borrower will be charged when they exceed the credit limit for using the card and late payment.
  • The annual percentage rate (APR) is the borrowing cost on the Credit Card. You should compare the annual percentage rate from different Credit Cards issuers that help the borrower to select the cheapest card. Before selecting the card, you must compare various factors of the cards such as fees, incentives, charges, and others.
  • Finally, you should consider the cashback, discounts and other offers and features of the cards to help you choose the best card based on your needs.

There are more than a hundred types of Credit Cards available in the market such as fuel Credit Card, prepaid card, gold card, cashback card, business card, and so on. You can Choose the Top Credit Cards which suit your needs and budget.

Apply for the Right Credit Card

In the modern world, you can apply for the Credit Card online or by phone, post, visiting the bank and by other means. You can choose the best method based on your choice and convenience. The borrower needs to fill the application form and provide to the bank or financial institute. The Credit Card providers check the credit score, income of the borrower and other factors before approving the Credit Card application.

The credit score shows how well the borrowers handle their finances. The individual who is looking to apply for a Credit Card can check the credit record before contacting the Credit Card companies. Some of the documents are required for applying such as ID proof, income proof, address proof, and others. If you are eligible, your Credit Card application will be approved within a few days.


Get the Best in Reseller SMS gateway – Start Your SMS Business Now

A good portion of the professionals loves to look for individual business opportunities with minimum investment. They love to work from anywhere and to manage the business on the go with their laptop. If you are one among them, then it is best to think about SMS sending business.

Millions of SMS are sent and delivered for different purposes by different businesses and service providers to serve the customers in a better way. It can include promotional SMS, marketing SMS, transactional SMS and more. With anything from everything gone online, SMS plays a great role in providing satisfactory services.

Be a bulk reseller

There is no need to spend a huge amount or to develop a well-designed and high-quality SMS portal to start the businesses. You can start it with your pocket money. You can work as a bulk reseller to serve the SMS sending needs of your customer with your own SMS portal. Now there are several reputed bulks SMS sending companies to provide you with reseller gateways to help you start the business at any time you wish. There are several benefits of working as a bulk SMS reseller. Here are some of them.

No capital investment

This is one of the most amazing benefits of working as a reseller. There is no need to arrange a huge amount or to apply for a bank loan to start the business. You can become a reseller with a reputed SMS service providing a company that provides the best partnership plans to start the business immediately and to earn handsome income without taking hard efforts. Everything including the portal management, maintenance, up-gradation and all is done by the company at free of cost.

Own SMS portal

You will be provided with your own SMS portal of the mother company to manage your SMS sending business. Be your own boss and have the freedom to use the portal to serve your customers and clients. You can open any number of accounts for the customers to help them send single to thousands of SMS on a single go even from spreadsheets and excel sheets. Instant and detailed reports are generated by the portal to make sure that each and every SMS is delivered to the valid contact numbers within fast turnover time.

Freedom to decide the rates

The reseller has the freedom to decide the rate of SMS service for his or her clients and customers. The company provides attractive packages of bulk SMS. As a reseller, you can decide the rates without the interference of the company for the SMS sending service provided by you. You can develop your own plans and packages to win the competition in the market and to attract more and more customers. SMS sending business has a good future since every business and service provider look for cheap bulk SMS reseller India to reach the customers for varied reasons through SMS.

Now spend some time online to find one of the best SMS sending companies to partner with to get a well-developed SMS sending portal. Thousands of common people and professionals are making a good income with SMS business. Then, why can’t you? Let the answer come within no time.


A Quick Walk through Public Ltd Companies

There are different types of companies out there. If you are not from the business world, then you might take up any and every company as alike. But the reality is that there are different kinds of companies out there that have their different ways of working.

Even the Public limited company registration process is different from that of other types of companies. If you are planning to start up a business or company; it is better to know about the types of options you have and then make a choice.   Certainly, there are different types of companies and amidst them, the most popular are Private Ltd. and Public Ltd. Both private and public limited companies enjoy the sets of perks. If you are an entrepreneur then you have to pick the type based on your funding plans.

What really a public company?

A public company is a company that owns permission to deliver or issue registered securities to the usual public through an initial public offering (IPO) and it is dealt on at least one stock exchange market. A public company will not be authorized to begin its business operations just on the basis of the grant of the certificate of incorporation. So as to be eligible to run as a public company, it must obtain another document known as a trading certificate.

Are there advantages of public Ltd. Company?

There are many advantages and some of these are like:


In order for a company to get public, it has to have a minimum of seven members and as far as maximum is concerned, that can be unlimited.

Limited liability

The liability of a public company is always going to be limited. No shareholder is separately liable for the payment. The public limited company is a distinct legal entity, and every single shareholder is a part of it.


Private limited companies are severely regulated and are needed by law to publish their complete financial statements in an annual manner to ensure the true financial position of the company is made clear to the owners they have (shareholders) and possible investors. It also helps to decide the market value of its shares. But things are different in the realm of public company.

Board of Directors

A public company is always headed by a board of directors. These fellows are elected from amidst the shareholders by the stockholders of the company in annual general meetings. The elected directors work as representatives of the shareholders in taking care of the company and taking decisions. Having a huger board of directors therefore advantages all shareholders in the shape of transparency as well as developing a democratic management procedure.


A public company can raise capital from public by delivering shares through stock markets. These can even raise capital by delivering bonds and debentures that are leaky debts issued to a company on the grounds of financial performance and honesty of the company.


So, you just need to find out the public limited company requirements and if you fulfil them; you can get started with such type of company.

Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate or Shares?

The pros and cons of shares are as follows:

Easy and accessible
You can easily buy a share of a company through a broker. Play a little, test, see what it does. And sell it again more easily. Buying shares is much quicker and easier to fix than real estate.

Available information
If you want to buy shares from companies, then you can delve into those companies quickly and easily. If a company is listed on the stock exchange, you will find annual reports online. Thanks to our modern media we can clearly see what a company is doing in terms of activities. You can see if you have faith in management and strategy. You can look up how the balance stands. You can assess the business philosophy based on market development. In other words: there is a lot of information available to assess whether you think a company is worth investing in.

There are companies that, regardless of what the economy does, always have work in my eyes. Every day, people have to eat and drink, transport themselves, wash, brush their teeth, etc. This means that with regard to equities, there are certainly sustainable investments.

A disadvantage can be volatility. Shares of companies can quickly rise and fall in value. This can be beneficial, but it can also turn out wrong. I personally believe that if you have a stock portfolio with an investment horizon of 10 years, you are in the right place. Prices will rise and fall, but the longer you have the time, the better because history shows that the rates always recover. Of course, if you buy profitable shares. If you want to speculate in emerging markets, economies and industries, then you have to: a) know it yourself and b) be aware of a lot of risks.

Investing in company shares can also be a big risk, depending on which companies you invest in. For example, TomTom was a fast-growing company years ago, but now the company is no longer growing and is being crushed by other large companies that develop the same services. Your euros go there.

Conclusion shares
If you want to buy shares, it is wise to do a good analysis. In addition to a fundamental analysis (how does the company develop, in which market does the company operate and what are the market developments, what is the future strategy, what does management look like, I believe in this company, etc.)

It is also wise to look at the price/earnings ratio (price divided by earnings per share, the lower the better), the estimated growth of the company, the dividend yield (the expected or last dividend divided by the price, the higher the better), and the price to book (the ratio between market value and equity, the lower the better). Based on this data you can assess whether this is an attractive share to buy.

Real estate
Then the pros and cons of real estate. I hereby zoom in on real estate for private rental.

Steady return
Real estate generally gives a good return. An annual return of around 10% is quite what you can expect *. Plus, a rental home creates a fast power-building flywheel, because you can use your return to pay off the debt. Your efficiency is rising, your debt getting lower, and with a number of years, your house so much worth that can provide collateral for a second e

Low volatility
Real estate is a solid investment with generally low volatility.

Effect on rental prices
House prices can rise and fall, and in the event of a fall, you will not be bothered immediately, because, with falling purchase prices, rents will not fall immediately. Your income stream, therefore, remains stable.

Net income
The income that you generate by renting out a house is net, but please note: owning a home falls under equity (box 3), so it is included in the annual tax return.

Not liquid
The risks, on the other hand, are that your money is ‘stuck’. You cannot just release the money that is in your house and use it for something else. That is possible, but then you have to start selling it first, and that is not arranged overnight.

Transfer tax
You also pay a transfer tax when you purchase a home. This is currently 2%, which is 4000 euros in a 2-tonne house. In addition, you may have costs for the broker, the landlord, the notary, and the mortgage adviser. This is of course not necessary if you have the time and knowledge to fix this yourself.

Chance of vacancy. This is shit because then you pay for the costs yourself. A risk that you should be aware of. That is why it is important when you buy something for renting, to do so in an area where people like to live. And of course to ask for a correct rental price.

Contribution equity
Equity: if you want to buy a house for rent, the bank wants you to contribute around 30% of the price. Plus: you may have to deal with the fact that the bank considers the house worthless because you are going to rent it out. This also often depends on the location. Just a calculation to indicate this: imagine you buy a house of 2 tons. In the center of a nice city.

The bank agrees that this does not decrease the value of the house, because landlords or not: the location is highly sought after. The bank agrees with the asking price of 2 tons. Because you are going to rent, the bank will lend you a maximum of 70%. 30%, so 60,000 euros you have to put in your own money. This is a lot of money. There are also tricks to get the entire 2 tons to be funded, but that is a not-for-purpose trick and I’m not going to discuss that either. Call me. Treat me to dinner.

Hassle with tenants
And whatever pain in the ass can be, are tenants. Or defects at the house. You can anticipate the latter. Maybe the first one too, a bit.

Private investment
Please note: I hereby only focus on real estate where you buy a house/apartment that you then rent to a private individual. Of course, you can also invest in other forms of real estate, but they often require considerably more equity. In addition, you can also invest in real estate on the stock exchange by buying shares from, for example, Vastned or Wereldhave.

Real Estate

Real Estate Return Calculation

Simple sole
You can make a very comprehensive real estate return calculation. Where you will calculate until the distant years what it will deliver to you and where you take into account all aspects, such as value increase of the property, rent increase, risk of vacancy, etcetera. But as you now know: I am a simple soul. So I kept it simple and worked my gut feeling alongside my calculation.

In any case, that is something I always do and have always done, with every form of business. Follow gut feeling. Because they would like to see numerical substantiations incorporate, I sometimes looked for some relevant data, but mostly I started from my own common sense and vision. Usually worked out damn well. So hopefully my real estate investment.

If you want to make a really good calculation, you must take into account a number of important variables.

We start with the purchase: here it is important to know what the purchase price is, what you will spend on odd jobs/refurbishing/renovations, what the transfer tax you pay and what you have lost to the notary and possibly to the buying broker and financial advice.

Then you will also have monthly costs, such as VvE and management (rental agent). In addition, I reserve an amount for any maintenance. Added together I lost € 204 a month.

We go to the financing part. In this article, I already wrote about financing for a second mortgage. That means I put in my own money. The bank has financed the purchase price for € 160k. That means that I myself put € 224,760 – € 160,000 = € 64,760 of my own money on this. I make the return calculation on equity, so I will start calculating with that € 64k.

I pay a 3.05% interest and repayment for this financing. I have taken out an annuity mortgage for this property.

The calculation
I pay the lender € 691 in interest each month and to pay off my mortgage. In addition, I have € 204 in costs and reservations. Added together this is € 895 per month. However, part of this amount is also repayment, so capital accumulation. I redeem € 298 and therefore build up capital.

But you have paid close attention, so you understand that I am adding the € 298 repayment to the € 400 to calculate my return. Because wealth creation, making my money more money in the long term, that is the trick guys.

You just read that I myself have invested € 64,760 in this apartment, that is my equity. So my return on equity is: (€ 698 x 10 months) / € 64,760 x 100 = 10.7% return on equity!

Not included
If you want to do a really good return calculation, you must extend it as long as the investment is there. Then you also take into account the value increase of the property, taxes and an increase in the rent. I did not do this for the purchase now, but if I use a smart calculation tool, I assume both an average increase in value of the property per year and an average rent increase of 0.75% per year, taking into account (look at me here) chic typing) occasional vacancy and occasionally a big disappointment, then I expect that in 30 years my € 64k equity has grown to € 368k equity.

Real Estate

7 Tips for Starting Investors

So especially from me, for you: 7 tips for starting investors. The advice I would like to have had myself. Hopefully, I help you with it!

Tip 1: start small & spread!
Start small and start with spread investing instead of a large amount in one go. It is a misconception to think that you can only invest if you a) have a lot of money and b) have to deposit this in one go. You can invest in large and small amounts. You can invest with your change, you can deposit € 20 per month, or € 100.

You can set that you automatically deposit money every month. You can invest entirely according to your wishes and situation. But: think carefully what amount you can miss. Before you invest, it is important that you first provide an emergency fund and that you have paid off debts with high-interest rates. Only invest with money you can miss, bla bla, I have said 100 times, but it is a tough true story!

Tip 2: invest for dummies
You don’t have to be a stock market tiger, economist or business guru. Nowadays you can invest through parties that process your investment for you. This means that you only have to think about your risk profile, and they do the rest. Brand New Day is a party that completely relieves you, whether you invest € 50 or € 5000. You also have parties such as Binck Bank and Kendu that do the same. I myself have experience with Brand New Day and am satisfied with it.

Tip 3: invest for the long term
You invest for the long term. Then the chance of losing becomes smaller and the chance of good returns getting higher. Do not invest with money that you will soon need for (un) anticipated expenses. You put that money in a savings account. My advice would be to first provide an emergency fund (suppose your washing machine breaks down or you suddenly have to pay high dental costs), then for a savings account with three to six months fixed costs (if you suddenly have no income you want to be able to read it out for a moment), and then you start investing. By the way, investing means that your money is not certain, you can always sell at the time you want. At least, at the parties where I invest.

Tip 4: Start investing early and don’t be fooled
The earlier you start investing, the longer your investments can grow. The combination of long-term and automatic investing is ideal. Set a term of 10 or 20 years for yourself. Because if you invest for a longer period of time, a temporary fall in price has less influence on the end result. Markets are falling and markets are rising, but in the long term, the economy is always in a boosted flow.

I believe that it will remain that way, simply because the world population is growing and that we are actively investing (we = the world) in new forms of energy, fuel, production, etc. In the meantime, there will undoubtedly be crises, but even then: hold your horses and don’t be guided by your emotions. Leave your money behind, because it will automatically become more valuable again.

Tip 5: Reduce the risk by spreading
There is no investment without risk. It is, however, possible to keep the risk as low as possible. You do this by investing long term and by spreading. In this article, you can read how you can spread your portfolio. In short, this means that you do not bet on one horse, because we want to earn money in the long term, even if we occasionally make the wrong choice.

You can spread by, for example, depositing money every month (spread in time), in different investment products (ETFs, real estate, shares, bitcoin), in different sectors (shares of, for example, Unilever or Adyen) in different countries(ETFs that follow the European market or the American market). I myself have spread my investments over real estate, ETFs (shares and bond trackers) and bitcoins.

Tip 6: automate your investments
What greatly helps me is automating my investments. Both monthly direct debit to my savings account, automatic money to my Brand New Day investment account and automatic investment of my change. That is why I see my money box and investments as a fixed charge. Read the article here about how I do this and how you can do this smartly.

Tip 7: calculate what you can earn
What helps you keep to your goal, and you keep getting enthusiastic about investing, is knowing what you are doing it for. I personally like the site, and I regularly check what my return will be in 10 or 20 years if I continue like this. That motivates me enormously! Apart from seeing the numbers black or white, I have written out my WHY and I think about this on a daily basis. For me, money is only a means of achieving my WHY – living in freedom and living my life on my terms. My why is so strong and important that it is now very easy for me to adjust my money choices accordingly.

Real Estate

How Can You Finance Real Estate? All Options at a Glance!

Ways of financing.
You can finance real estate in several ways. I cannot tell you which way suits you and your personal situation. For that, you will need to seek real advice, for example from the parties that I mention at the bottom of this article. I can share some information with you so that you get a little feel for real estate and this topic becomes less complex for you.

The preparation
Before you go further into opportunities to also invest in real estate, it is important that you prepare well. Something with well-prepared ideas. Luck favors the prepared. Put the following information on paper for yourself:

What is your income?
What is your personal situation, are you single, married, children?
Do you currently have a home for sale, and if so, what is the current WOZ and market value and what is the amount of your mortgage? And at what interest did you provide your mortgage?
Do you have savings, and if so how much?
Make sure that you have made a return calculation sum so that you know what amounts you are dealing with. Read this article for an example.
Contact parties who can help you rent out your property. I rent out my real estate through a rental agent. Make sure you know in which neighborhood you want to bite and what rent you can use.
Make sure that you are aware of all tax rules. Coming afterward for surprises with these friends is shit.
Luck favors the prepared, so prepare your damn good!

In short, there are some ways to finance real estate ( you are looking for money to buy a property yourself ). In addition, there are also opportunities to invest in real estate ( you invest money with another party and you benefit from, for example, dividends ). Below I list a few (so many people, so many wishes, so many options. I mention a few for inspiration) options.

Real estate financing
The usual way.
I financed my first real estate investment in the most common way. I had enough of my own money and at that time a steady job with a good income. That is why my application at Rabobank was a piece of cake and almost immediately approved. In the Netherlands (and beyond, the German Volksbank has more attractive conditions, for example) you have NIBC, ING, NN, Lloyds Bank and others who can help you with real estate financing in addition to the Rabo. For this, I would advise you to contact one of the contact persons that I mention at the bottom of this article. They can help and advise you in a targeted way.

Pay attention!

For an initial real estate investment, I would advise you on the ‘usual route’. This means that you have to put in quite a bit of your own money, so it is a long breath, but the more own money = less risk. In the case of vacancy, you pay the financing yourself, and the higher it is the more costs. Occasionally vacancy is a realistic scenario, take this into account in your return calculation!

You may also have to sell your investment at an unfortunate moment, for whatever reason. Suppose you bought your property at a good time for a tonne, but the moment you have to sell it is only worth 80 thousand euros, then you are happy that there is no higher financing because then you have to go deep into the pouch.

For most lenders, it is important that you can prove that you have income in Box 1, or income from work. So if you have a permanent job then you have an advantage. But there are also solutions for people without a permanent job, for example for starting entrepreneurs. Divest is a party that looks at the capital in Box 3 for financing.

This includes savings and already accumulated capital, for example, a surplus-value on another property such as your own home. This is particularly interesting if you already have a property and want to make a subsequent purchase. Check the Domivest site for more information. I don’t have any financing with Domivest, but I hear good stories from reliable sources.

Pay attention!

The risk for a party as divesting is higher because they only look at your box 3 capital, which means that the interest is also higher than when, for example, you finance the investment in ‘the usual way’.

Real Estate

On a Budget? 3 Ways to Drive Traffic Quickly and Cheaply

After working long and hard to get your new web site up and running, you probably have little patience left to wait months and months to start getting traffic to your site and start making sales!

But those search engine submissions are taking a lot of time to bring in traffic. You’ve also discovered that joining web rings, link trading, and posting free-for-all classifieds are time-consuming activities that produce just a trickle of traffic IF you’re lucky.

Moreover, you don’t want to blow huge amounts of money on advertising just in case your site doesn’t convert visitors into buyers at a rate that nets a fair profit.

You want lots of traffic, you want it cheap, and you want it now! So, what do you do?

Well, there are 3 ways to get traffic to your site quickly, even on a budget.

Write Articles – You wrote all those product endorsements for your site, and articles aren’t much different, or any more difficult to write. If your site is about beer, and promotes a variety of products related to home brewing, write an article called “10 Secrets to Your Best Batch Ever”. Include a resource box below your article that gives your name, a brief description of your site and its URL. (Use my resource box at the end of this article as an example.) Your next step is to go to Charlie Page’s ‘Directory of Ezines’ and buy an annual membership. Review the list of ezines in the Food/Wine category, and submit your article to each one that accepts articles. Some newsletters may have a circulation of just a few hundred, but others will have a few hundred THOUSAND subscribers.

Ezine Advertising – Your DOE (Directory of Ezines) membership will also help you locate ezines in which to advertise your site. The beauty of this type of advertising is that it is generally low-cost, sometimes as little as $8 per issue for 6 lines at 65 characters per line. But the best part is that you are putting your message in front of a highly targetted audience. There’s no point in trying to sell homebrew kits to tea-totaled, now is there?

Pay Per Click Search Engines – The fastest way to get traffic to your site is to buy keywords and keyword phrases at PPC’s (pay per click search engines) such as Overture, Google and FindWhat. Google is definitely the fastest PPC account to set up. Simply write your title and description, choose your keywords, make a deposit and you’re up and running. Set a daily maximum budget, and check your income and expenses frequently until you ensure that the former consistently exceeds the latter. You will know within the week how well your site will convert visitors to buyers, which beats the heck out of waiting months for the feedback!

For as little as one or two hundred bucks, you can drive tons of highly targeted traffic to your site in a very short period of time. Calculate your conversion, ‘tweak’ your site, then re-invest your earnings to drive even more traffic and gain even more sales.

Stick with the plan, and in no time at all, you’ll get to sit back and enjoy one of those homebrews while watching your sales numbers climb.
Rosalind Gardner is the best-selling author of ‘?The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online?. Her incredible online success has been profiled in numerous popular publications including ‘Secrets to Their Success’, ‘Small Business Opportunities, ‘Six Figure Income’ and ‘Revenue’ magazine.